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CARS - 15
  • CARS - 15

    Welcome to the launch of our project, “Art that Moves You”, a journey that will strive to immortalize the profound connection between classic car owners and their beloved machines. Through the lens of the incredibly talented photographer, Rogério Voltan (voltan photos), and the captivating storytelling of Marsha Drew, we will celebrate the human spirit of ingenuity, nostalgia, and camaraderie that thrives within the classic car community of the Niagara Region. In the coming months, we will chronicle its hidden treasures and untold stories, creating a physical legacy that will stand the test of time, ensuring that the stories and memories we capture endure for generations to come!

    Watch for us. We'll be bringing the magic of the classic car community to your doorstep!



    A Voltan Gallery tem o orgulho de tornar cada imagem ESPECIAL PARA VOCÊ! 


    Imprima sua foto favorita em material da mais alta  qualidade , sob o olhar de um grande fotógrafo, Rogério Voltan.  


    Diga-nos o que você precisa e ficaremos felizes em orçar e personalizar cada foto para você.  

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